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Cpanel WordPress Toolkit

cPanel is the Industry leading hosting platform with world-class 24×7 support that allows hosting providers and web professionals to create an exceptional hosting experience.
cPanel and Plesk both have a history of over 20 years in the industry, serving both hosting service providers and web professionals of any size. Since cPanel and Plesk are in the same group now (webpros), there is a strong focus on helping web professionals operating successful managed WordPress services for their SMB clients. Based on Plesk’s 5+ year investment into the WordPress toolkit, we have been investing over 1 year to transfer that knowledge and functionality to our cPanel customer base.

WordPress Toolkit

Compared to other options to host and manage your WordPress sites, cPanel and the new WordPress Toolkit for cPanel allow any Web Professional to have a rock-solid foundation for their customers in shared or VPS based environments. Not only to save time in management, security, performance and operations but also to achieve tasks much more automated compared to doing them manually. In addition, cPanel is offering tremendous flexibility to be customizable to you and your customer’s needs. You can either become a customer of one of our 3000+ hosting partners using cPanel but also to run cPanel wherever you want or need. And we offer you choice and no vendor lock-in on a global scale.