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CyberPanel Cloud based WordPress Manager

Hello Everyone, This is Owen from CyberPanel, By know I assume most of you know about CyberPanel or use it for your server.

Till now CyberPanel installation were single server based. If you had more than one server, there was no way to manage all of them in a centeralized way.

Installation on your server was another thing that some of you faced significant issues with.

CyberPanel was also geared more towards sysadmins and people who already knew different server panels which make it a bit difficult for normal users to navigate.

As several major hosting providers (SAAS and IAAS) and some of the major panels were also providing WordPress Manager, we were lacking

So we have come up with a Cloud based system where you can INSTALL, MANAGE, CONTROL, BACKUP, OPTIMIZE your servers with a robust WordPress Manager for best WordPress hosting .

New WordPress manager allows you to deploy, stage, snapshot, update, debug all WordPress instances right from a single location.

We are looking for BETA Testers for the service. We have internally tested it and Alpha tested it with some of the major name in WP community however we still want your feedback.

If you want to participate in the BETA, please fill the following form

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