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How to choose the right domain for your website

Domains have long been a powerful marketing tool. Thanks to them, users remember and recognize brands, names of companies and services. I will tell you how to choose the right and memorable address for any company, project or field of activity.

Domain Name

Use company name in domain name

Even if you’re not planning to build a full-fledged website yet, and your online business has enough social media groups, it’s better to register a company-name domain in advance anyway. At any moment your project can grow, it will require new features and features that only a separate website will provide. Or an unfair competitor will notice your business growth and register a domain name for themselves — when you decide to scale up and build a website, you will be pleasantly surprised that the domain is already occupied.

It is best for your company name and domain to match, otherwise there may be confusion. Ideally, domains should be short, recognizable and sound. You can also use keywords in the address to improve the site’s promotion. Take a look at the examples and antics.

Good domains : GOOGLE.COM, NHS.UK , EBAY.US

Not the best domains: GOO-GLE.COM

If you’re choosing a domain for an already existing firm with a rather long name, you might want to consider abbreviations and abbreviations. For example:

National Health Service > NHS.UK
THE Facebook >

Look at the keywords

If your company’s name is long enough, and you can’t make an abbreviation, try composing a domain of keywords that reflect your activity. For example, the company “Window Manufacturing” uses the WindowNation.COM

True, there is a great probability that the most appropriate address is already taken. In this case, you can add another key word: let’s say MILGARD.COM, This way you can also increase the site traffic at the expense of additional words and guidelines.

Check out the new gTLDs

New gTLDs – domain zones that emerged thanks to the ICANN initiative. They mostly reflect different areas of activity and hobby, for example .SHOP, . ART, .COMPUTERS, .DEV etc. New gTLDs zones will allow you to highlight the specifics of your site, making the domain more readable and shorter.

A few examples:


Avoid deficits, numbers and other people’s trademarks

Some symbols and word variations can negatively affect the perception of your domain name. Among them:
Numbers and deficits – reduce the quality of your site’s perception and the memory of your domain.

Synonyms are words that are pronounced equally, but written differently: BE/BEE, PLAIN/PLANE. Before choosing a domain name for your site, make sure that there are no similar words in it: they can make it difficult to find your resource.


Words with deliberately made mistakes (YAHO.COM) or additional letters (WWWYAHOO.COM), Such domains may suggest your site is phishing or malware.


Complex transliteration: for example, the word “game” can be written as “GAAYM”. Either avoid ambiguous letters, or buy multiple domains with different spellings at once and set up redirects.

Trademarks or brand names used by other companies. If your activity is similar to the copyright holder of the trademark, then you can get a lawsuit.


Refer to geography

A good option would be to reflect the geographic affiliation in the domain. For example, if you are in American and want to emphasize that you are working with the American market, feel free to choose an address in the .US or .NYC domain extensions. If you are launching a store that sells goods only in New York, pay attention to the .NYC domain zones. There are also many national foreign domains: .BERLIN, .ASIA, .SYDNEY . .AFRICA and others.

However, when choosing an address with a geographical component, it is worth considering whether you will expand your business in the future and go beyond the city / region / country. In this case, it is worth buying a more universal domain or taking care of addresses in the necessary geo-location based in advance.

Look for a secondary marketplace

It is possible that someone has already registered the domain of your dreams and decided to sell it. You can look for a suitable address in the Dayndot Domain Marketplace. For convenience, all lots (domains for sale) are divided into categories. If you have not yet decided on a specific name, you can look for the address in the section that reflects the activities of your business.

Follow the discounts

If you often need to register low-cost domains for short-term projects, you can periodically check the “News” and “Promotions and Discounts” sections on the website. In them they write about the best deals and discounts for domains, web hosting, WordPress Hosting and other services.


Tools and services that can help choose best domain name


The WHOIS service allows you to check if the desired domain is occupied, as well as to find out information about already registered addresses.

Name generators

If it turns out that the desired address is already taken, on the REG.RU website you can use the domain selection service, which will show the availability of the name in other domain zones and select similar options.

If you need to quickly come up with a random domain name, use a name generator such as Domain Name Generator.

Domain Broker

There are situations when you definitely need a specific address that has already been registered by someone else. In this case, you can use the “Domain Broker” service and redeem it. will undertake negotiations with the current owner and re-registration of documents.

Too long; didn’t read: the main criteria for choosing a domain

Summarizing all of the above, we have compiled basic instructions on how to choose the right domain name for your site.

  • Use a company name if it’s short, recognizable, and euphonic. If not, try making an abbreviation out of it.
    Examples: APPLE.COM, GO.COM
  • Use keywords in your domain.
    Examples: A2HOSTING.COM
  • Thematic Domains zones will help to highlight the direction of your activity.
  • National domains can be used if your business is concentrated in a specific geographic region and will not go beyond it in the future.
    Examples: WORK.MIAMI , BLOG.NYC
  • Do not use hyphens, numbers, homonyms, misspelled words, complex transliteration and other people’s trademarks in the domain.
  • Look for an address on the secondary Domain marketplace: if the desired domain is occupied, you can try to redeem it from the current owner.