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How to Restore a Backup in Plesk

A2 Hosting make a backup of your host site every day up to two weeks ago. You can restore backups yourself via the Plesk control panel. You can choose from e-mail, databases, individual files or you can even have your entire hosting package restored to a certain point in time in one go.


Step 1: Log in to Plesk

You can restore a backup in the Plesk control panel. Read here how to log in to Plesk.


Step 2: Find the right backup

In Plesk you go to ‘Manage backups’ via the right menu. There you will see an overview of the backups within your hosting package. You can then click on the date of the backup you want to restore.

Step 3: Choose the parts you want to put back

Here you get an overview of all aspects of the backup that you want to restore. You can make a choice regarding the websites and parts such as files, database or e-mail.

First you choose between Selected Objects and All Objects (the whole system). With selected objects you can restore certain parts of your website. If you choose all objects (the entire system), everything will be restored for you to the time of the backup that you have chosen.

After the choice has been made, it is possible to have a notification e-mailed when the restore of the backup is ready. Then click on Restore and the backup will be restored.