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What is our inner content strategist thinking?


Although the concept sketches are still pretty raw we can start to draw some significant content insights (which are
typically questions that need answers)  :

  • How many pages on the site should include this contact
    details panel for education agents?
  • Which bits of content are page furniture, e.g. the blurb
    text and form labels on the panel? How will clients be
    able to edit this beyond launch?
  • What are the world regions in this context? Does BU have
    a standardised breakdown of regions? Where can we find
  • How many Education Agent Liaison Officers are there? Is
    there more than one EALO per region? If so, do we show
    more than one EALO in the panel?
  • Is there already a source of truth for staff contact details
    (to populate those elements of the panel)? Where is it?
  • What platform? What state? Who to talk to?
    Is it ok to have staff pictures on the site? Will there be
  •  What will happen to the content from Ask a question
    form submissions? Is there already a workflow for
    submitted questions from education agents? Who do we
    speak to about it?

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