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4 Best “$1-$10 WordPress Hosting” – Cheap, Secure WP Hosting 2020

Which shared hosting is generally considered to have the best newbie-friendly support these days, within the “inexpensive” ($10/mo or less) range?
Context: I have an entrepreneur friend whose ambition generally outstrips her tech skills, so Cloudways (that’s what I’m on) wouldn’t work for her. She’s tech-savvy in a general sense but has no background in hosting setup or WP admin. In the past I would have recommended SiteGround to her for the support, but as we know that’s changed a lot recently.
Any recommendations?


Best $1-$10 Dollar WordPress Hosting


  1. A2 Hosting
  2.  Dreamhost
  3.  BlueHost
  4. SiteGround

I think you’re actually asking the wrong question. If your friend’s “ambition generally outweighs her technical skills” then the first question I would ask is what value does she place on her time? The relatively small premium for a decent host such as Cloudways (and paying someone to set it up initially) will more than likely pay for itself in the long run vs a crappy host and time spent troubleshooting, or business lost by slow site speeds, lower SEO rankings and lower conversion rates. Conversely if she has plenty of time on her hands then I would encourage her to spend time learning (I am 100% self taught). There are plenty of great resources online… plus this group of course.

your logic is sound, the big exception is what happens when her WP site goes down (for any of myriad reasons), a few months after she’s had an expert set everything up initially. Some hosts will hold your hand to figure out what’s wrong, but a CW type will expect you to mostly sort it out yourself. Yes, self-education is key and I’ll be driving that home, but there are those times when a newbie just can’t figure it out, and to be on CW at that time I think isn’t ideal.

I like A2Hosting for cheap hosting, they have always been extremely helpful for me. or Check Pretty decent and affordable. I am more than satisfied with them.

You might want to choose a provider that uses cPanel and DIrectAdmin as their hosting control panel. These panels are intuitive, easy to use and understand. You won’t have to be a techie to use them.

Godaddy (cringing) will by far be the best support for noobers. This might be the only time I have recommended them. But if you are new it really is a great place to start imo. Bluehost and Hostgator are cheap but the support is horrible for experienced developers.

SiteGround is best and is one of the few bigger companies not owned by Endurance. All cheap hosts suck, but SG sucks the least.

I’ve been a SG cloud super power customer since 2014 and have not found better. I’m no “wp engine fan” and was shocked when studiopress sold. SG was my only option to manage over 100 client sites. Have you used the new SG Site Tools? #flywheel, #kinsta, #A2, and especially #godaddy, #hostgator, #dreamhost far behind SG.

we’re talking about the $10/mo shared hosting plans. I’m site their higher tiers are better. I’m a Kinsta fan myself.

i think namehero is the best value for speed and price, I don’t consider that as a complete test. I’m sure the hosting providers that you and few others recommend for the sake of affiliate commission such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostpapa won’t be able to handle decent amount of traffic.

Fastcomet it’s pretty good. I don’t like clients tech savvy. They think they know everything and they are really hard to work with.

Inmotion has great support,At that price-point Bluehost has excellent 24×7 chat support, and a number of other advantages – except for their servers, which many report as being overloaded and slow.

For this budget range, A2 hosting is hands down your best choice.

Namecheap has a very friendly support,The best approach will be to hire a developer.

I’d say Dreamhost or Siteground. I hate these posts because everyone rolls in to recommend the best of 3 hosts they’ve tried or one a friend likes. Why not side step anecdotal experiences and read results from arguably the most scientific WordPress review system?

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That’s all performance-based rather than about support levels, but all resources (esp independent ones) are welcome, so thank you! I also found this site, which is new to me at least, but appears to be running constant performance tests and aggregates into an overall score. – good service & human support at affordable cost.