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Web Hosting Discussion 2022

I am hoping to move from Siteground to Cloudways – currently on the Go Geek plan with 12 sites – all minimal traffic – one site 4/5k per month the rest in the hundreds – one small woo commerce and course setup but very low traffic – in the 100’s. Total size is approx 18GBS of files etc.

Is the DigitalOcean  1Gb server the cheapest and best solution with Cloudways? I am currently trying a staging site on it and it seems to load and work much faster.

Anything I should look out for? See a few negative opinions on Cloudways support lately here, but Siteground has fallen away too – so Better performance > mutually average support?


I love Cloudways support! They have always been super helpful to me and I don’t have VIP support package or anything. 12 sites would be too much for the single core CPU of the 1GB plan. You would want a 2 core plan for that many sites in my opinion.are you running all that on a Go Geek plan without any issues?


In general things have been OK...Most of the sites are static and low traffic...but recently ran into an issue with a staging site not working properly. So starting to look at different options as thinking shared hosting is not robust enough to work on. Or at least the plan we are on. We also recommend hosting to our customers and use Beaver Builder to design sites. Finding BB is clunky/problematic and hard to work with on cheap shared hosting.


yeah, I don’t think a course site on shared hosting would probably be a great user experience for students. I imagine things could get bogged down with multiple users on the course at the same time.
You would be much better off on hosting like Cloudways. I have used Cloudways for a couple years now on all my client sites. I’m an Elementor guy myself. I used to use BB but switched a couple years back.


Someone left this on my blog which may be helpful in answering your questions: Things to point out for the readers regarding Cloudways: Please select the server carefully, since it’s cloud and has an operating system, 7gb of your total storage will be occupied by the OS. Backups are not free. In my case, I have to pay $1 for a 10GB website backup everytime I make backup. I recommend using a FTP to store backups on local computer space or a plugin to store it on gdrive/onedrive etc. This will be more suitable.

I use Updraft free to backup to cloud storage. I do keep the server backups going muse bc you can’t have enough backups. I have 8-9 sites on one server with multiple backups (5-6 versions of every site) and I just now pay an extra $1/mo for server backup storage.


I have six small sites per small 1g server. Consider double the capacity from what you have for staging sites.Operating system takes 5-6 gb stage. You should either buy the 1 level up plan or attach block storage to the base plan which is possible in DO. Support is better than What sirlteground is offering now.


Use 1 or 2 1GB servers as there still isn't a 1CPU 2GB RAM server (Cloudways are you listening?). I have 7 1GB servers with anything from 1 to even 12 apps (8 WP and 4 html, can you imagine


Consider GridPane as well. It's less than Cloudways in some ways but much more in others


I’d agree with the above that the 1GB is too small for all of that. The thing with Cloudways is you can’t downgrade a server (without a whole cloning experience at least) but you can always upgrade, so my advice will be to start small, add some sites, when it starts to hit the CPU and memory significantly, upgrade or buy a second. (FD20OFF for a 20% discount



I need some advice on selecting optimum server plan. My site gets approx 300K monthly pageviews. Which Digital Ocean size would be perfect for me according to you?


Cloudways support is excellent. I moved from SG to Cloudsways and it's excellent. Mail is an issue but workable. I was always getting site down messages from Sucuri when I was with SG. Not so anymore. CW has amazing documentation too. Fantastic really. Great interface. So much more. You can grow it scale back easily.


Hi, what hosting do you recommend to run a WooCommerce store with 600 products.
The traffic that will receive the website is not that much.

You should be good with almost any hosting as that is very small.
But it depends on how you build the site and how heavy you build it.


Considering you are expecting only 200 views, I see now why you didn't mentioned the numbers initially :)
For the 600 WooCommerce products, the database queries need to run fast for a fast page load time.
A decent NVMe/SSD based shared hosting should do the job just fine, unless the server is overloaded.


I want to test if moving my site from Inmotion vps (lowest tier plan) to Cloudways DO (lowest tier) will improve my site speed, before making a decision. I migrated the site using Cloudways plugin and tested my current URL and the temp URL from Cloudways using gtmetrix. And Cloudflare+DO shows a slower speed than my current setup. Am I doing something wrong or is it correct. Will moving to a higher Digital Ocean plan improve the speed?

The old site is using Cloudflare while the new site on Cloudways doesn’t have any CDN yet as I am on trial plan.

Update: Cloudways support said that the page size and speed difference is mainly because the inmotion site is still using Cloudflare CDN. I’ll have to test that.

Now I have a new question. Cloudways support said that for a site getting 300K pageviews I should get the 4GB plan of Digital Ocean. Does that make sense? Will the 2 GB plan not be able to handle this much traffic?


Try Vultr HF instead of DO

Not a great comparison test most likely. How did you configure Cloudways and the caching for the site? it's just using WP-Rocket. Inmotion site is using Cloudflare in addition.


I am following since I use InMotion VPS and find their site speed amazing. If there are faster options I am all ears.

Unfortunately my experience hasn't been so good. So exploring alternatives.


Hey, do these things. Enable Varnish for wordpress. Configure breeze to minify and group your files. Enable opcache on app level. Test after that you will see significant change.

At some point someone will take CloudFlare behind the shed and ....... It just gets in the way more times than it help. But enough about that. There's many factors with host tests like; server location (which you said is the same), amount of clients on that server, port speed, PHP versions, any custom settings to PHP, Apache/Litespeed/Nginx?, DNS

Cloudways better than inmotion,. Why don't you just upgrade at inmotion, if you migrated then stick with cloudways, gradually upgrade by cpu & ram usage in cloudways dashboard


Look at page size and requests, the cloudways site obviously isn't optimised. Optimise them both and try again

Does Godaddy business hosting provides memcache and redis features?


I’m on GoDaddy but moving out soon, they are crap. Crappy rude support too. If anything fails, they will blame it on you… Moving to gridpane/vultr… Look at runcloud or gridpane.


How does GoDaddy compare with Bluehost?

Both are not recommended for anything other than basic websites. In that sense yes.

anything that doesn’t require fast loading time and support for many concurrent visitors. And doesn’t require much technical support as they don’t really provide support beyond answering questions that can be googled.

GoDaddy isn’t owned by EIG…. but both companies are the scum of the hosting industry non the less.

Has anyone else experienced the 503s on Cloud hosting?

We’ve been using Siteground for years. Most recently moved to their Cloud Hosting plans.
Recently we had sites going down for 1 min or so – just enough for clients to experience the issue, report to us and we check and everything is back.
Support told us to use SG Optimizer, but the same issue continued. We bumped up the CPU and RAM, and the activity showed it was not reaching any of the limits, but sites continued to get 503 errors.
So we added UptimeRobot to monitor and sure enough we saw 140 emails come in today saying sites were down/up within 1 min.
SG Support are now blaming UptimeRobot – set to 1 min tests, but I’ve pointed out this was why we added monitoring.
I would assume 1 min intervals should be ok – right?
Has anyone else experienced the 503s on Cloud hosting?

Whitelist UptimeRobot in your firewall. That’s my only recommendation.

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we have 10 cloud servers, the same issue, we experience 502 error often during the day. CPU and ram are 4 time greater than the usage. Just to say that for a customer is really annoying having an help-desk that always replays unuseful things about crawlers, or “we had an overload on our node where the server is”…. really annoying, you should have someone able to manage a correct answer, not only for giving a brush

General problem with Siteground Cloud Servers is no or very limited diagnostic tools. Just reading this post and the comments tells always the same story. Monitoring/sensors per cPanel on Cloud Servers? I cannot find it. So good luck with that 503s.

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Help For You. Many people on this doyr are complaining about their hosting services.

Here is a suggestion. AWS realized that to use their EC2 servers, the setup was too much for most people to handle. I tried for about two years and actually had it working but it was painful and needed more tweaking.

Then I found their service that was designed for the non techies. It is called Lightsail. You can start off free for a month and then move up to $3.50 per month with no contracts.

It takes 15 minutes to setup, (not counting forwarding your domain) You do not need any coding, ftp, SSH, nothing. You just sign up, chose to load a new WordPress site on what they call an Instance (means a server). They give you a private IP address.

When you get too many clients they won’t give you a warning because it is YOUR virtual server, not shared with anyone.

As you grow, you can migrate up to the $5, $10, $20 and up to $160/month. The migration takes less than 10 minutes. Do yourself a favor. Change to Lightsail not and you will never have to talk about server problems again.


Running a VPS server without a control panel or management service is not for beginners. You better know something about Linux admin or you are on a false promise to yourself. At minimum get a control panel or management company to use as training wheels.