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Web Hosting Tutorials (Start)

When we write a website address in the browser and have an Internet connection, the browser processes the address and sends it to a server. The server then sends the specified page to the browser according to the request and we see the page. So if this server is ever turned off and a user sends a request at that time, the user will see that the site is not working.

You need to get a server that will be ready for 24 hours because your site can have millions of visitors and you don’t know when to enter your site (or send a request for your site). The time a server is ready is the time of the server’s uptime.

Your web site will be visible from all over the world when you host your site on a web server. When you read tutorials you can understand everything: what hosting really is, what to do, what to do on a server, what is domain, bandwidth, subdomains, etc.

You must copy your site to a public web server when you create a web site. You can make your PC a web server if you want, but that requires a lot of preparation. What is usually done is that companies are sitting on these preparations with the help of a financial web server and other services. You will pay a specific amount of money to them. Depending on some features, these companies have different packages to choose from at your convenience. These features will be discussed in the next tutorials so that one can understand what facilities the package needs for their own site.

Windows Hosting

If you’ve created your site using ASP (Active Server Page) Programming Language or Microsoft’s technology, you’ll need to host it on Windows Server. Although PHP supports Windows servers, no one uses windows server for PHP.

Linux Hosting

And if you’re creating your website using PHP, MySQL or open source technology, you’ll need to host it on Linux Server.

Here is a list of good web hosting list  from Reddit for your website- 


Steps to host a site

Buying a domain and then hosting packages have also been purchased, now it’s time to live your site. 3 things to do

  1. Project/site upload to hosting account
  2. Name server change from Domain Control Panel
  3. Related configurations such as database creation, domain connection with database, WordPress themes upload, etc.