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What is SSD hosting? Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Web Hosting

What is SSD hosting? Well, it is nothing more than a web hosting service that uses solid-state drives on its servers.

But let’s take a step back. You may be thinking what is a solid state drive? Well, it is a type of storage for computer equipment (eg, hard drive). Unlike classic hard drives, these do not have mechanical parts (which move) and that makes them much faster. If you’ve ever switched from a computer with a normal hard drive to one with SSD technology, you know what I’m talking about. The increase in speed is incredible.

Basically they have only one drawback…they are somewhat more expensive although they are currently becoming the default option.

Okay, but weren’t we here to talk about SSD Hosting?

Okay, now that we know (sort of) what an SSD is, let’s take a look at SSD web hosting.

As you can see in the graph above, this type of hosting has gained popularity and the highest quality web hosting providers have started to equip their servers with solid state drives to improve the speed of the web projects they host.

Advantages and disadvantages of SSD web hosting

Main advantages of SSD hosting:

Higher speed: A solid state drive can be up to 300 times faster than a traditional mechanical drive. In the following graph we compare the loading time of two providers: Google (uses SSDs) and AWS which does not use them. As you can see is quite a bit slower.

Greater reliability: Being equipped with discs without moving parts, they last longer and wear (mechanically) is less. That is why they are more reliable and give fewer errors.

Efficiency: In addition, SSD drives heat up less, make less noise and consume less power. Although this is only relevant to those who maintain the servers, it does not affect you and me much.


As we mentioned before, the biggest disadvantage they have is the price. As with your computer, if you use one of these solid storage devices, the price is significantly higher.

Although SSD disks are not the only element that determines the (good) speed of a hosting, they have a great impact on it. Especially if you use content managers (such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.) that require constant queries to the database.

It is clear then that it is worth using when you want fast hosting and your storage needs are not huge.

Now that you know that SSD hosting is going to benefit you, you will want to know how much they cost and which one you can trust. That is why I bring a selection of SSD hosting that you can trust.

Final Thoughts on SSD Hosting

If you want a hosting that offers you the best speed, you will have to decide on one that uses SSD technology. As you have seen, these are a little more expensive, but in the long run they will compensate you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, I’ll be happy to answer them.