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YC Startup School – My Opinion

It is my opinion that this company is a dubious river of effluent but you gotta respect their sense of humor: proud members of the highly exclusive 2018 YC Startup School.

Countless companies like AirBnb and Dropbox and Uber have gone through… NOT the Startup School program. But if you have an email address and positively nothing else you can join Startup School too. Or you can just watch all of the videos on YouTube.

It’s actually really good content.

If you have *viable* startup you can apply to YC and possibly join the fraction of a percent who get accepted and financially backed by YC.

When it’s 10X more This and 4X more That and 13X more This… the math doesn’t add up. When it’s too comically good to be true, ran far away, quickly.

Every single user on our platform that has used them has been burned. Every single one.

So buyer beware. It’s oversold to almost exactly the degree that their marketing hype clearly spells out.

But if you’re looking for a really duplicitous “authority hack” by all means tout your double opt-in to Startup School.

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