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BlueHost vs A2 Hosting vs CloudWays: 2022 Ultimate Comparison

BlueHost vs A2 Hosting vs CloudWays Which one should I choose? I have clients who use all three of the hosting companies you mention so I can answer your specific question and then offer my recommendation. Cloudways : With Cloudways you can have a very powerful, inexpensive virtual private server setup for you. You also […]

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins that will Boost Your Website

Among the tens of thousands of existing CMS, WordPress is absolutely the most popular. And this is not surprising, because today everyone can freely find a WP friendly hosting, install the desired theme and get a modern site – without layouts, codes and other troubles. But will the standard functionality of the CMS satisfy everyone? […]

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WordPress site slow – Why is this happening and what to do?

My WordPress is slow. Why is this happening and what to do? Sometimes the time comes,  move to a new apartment, change jobs, buy a new laptop, stop watching uninteresting TV shows. It’s the same story with hosting a WordPress website. It is important to understand in time that you have “outgrown” the service you […]