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QA – 1 small website with 1000 visits, kinsta or Cloudways

I have 1 small website with 1000 visits a month. Would you use kinsta or Cloudways ?



DigitalOcean and a Plesk Install. You would need someone to install it if you don’t know what you are doing, but honestly I think cloud hosting is the way to go. You get better resources and a faster site. I use a team called server healers to manage two Plesk servers, go with the DigitalOcean  hosting platform that is easiest and most secure to scale.

Vultr high frequency on Cloudways  is my choice, support has been awesome. I am moving 200 websites! Siteground is going the way of the rest….too big, Useless support and hidden fees. I’ve been doing this 25+ years (I am old… from the land of dos lol) I don’t want to have to manage the server but want the bennys. 😉 I’ve been very happy with the move and actually excited about work again. The staging platform is a game changer. 😉

Flywheel is a great hands-off approach. I manage several sites on Flywheel and the performance has been great, support is awesome, and it’s easy to use. Plus the new Mini plan finally makes it affordable for a small site.

I would suggest a shared hosting environment like InMotion Hosting. Or if only those two choices, Cloudways.

Cloudways lowest plan either of linode, digitalocean or vultr is perfect for you.

I recommend Kinsta ONE 100 PERCENT!!! I have slightly more visitors then you. Maybe about 80-150 daily. But it’s my money site. I’ve done a few before this and it was always something going wrong. Spend the extra for a quality and hassle free host. I’m so much happy and more confident with the host. ZERO issues….

I love that you asked for one of two options but everyone gives their own to answer your question.
Kinsta is overkill for what you are asking BUT it depends of many other factors.
Let’s say for example that you host a sales webinar and those 1000 visits happen concurrently . Then Kinsta all day long because you NEED that uptime.

If the 1k are drip fed over the month and you are concerned about cost and don’t mind a little hands on dev work to ensure things are running the way they should – Cloudways.
Then if you go Cloudways– It is Google, Linode etc. there are still many choices that can determine the overall speed, security and scalability of your server.
In a nutshell Kinsta if you want to pay more but forget about everything, Cloudways if you want to pay less but have a little more control and deal with problems yourself.

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