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Any recommendations – Is it wise to stick with Siteground or better to invest time into a VPS

Looking for a platform to spend less time on managing server stuff, email creations, SSL etc while keeping it simple to transfer to clients or just to use the platform.
I current host 11 websites (Not high traffic) But would like to start offering hosting plans to future projects. (Hosting will be a thing for me)
My current situation: I’m with Siteground on GoGeek plan, got it on special but now for $44 dollars a month renewal. I’m sure I can do better plus this is still shared managed hosting.
I’ve been looking at VPS and tried out Cloudways but it seems pretty complicated if the goal is to spend less time backend. I might be wrong. (I’m not on my A game in the hosting world)
Is it wise to stick with Siteground, maybe upgrade to cloud hosting or better to invest time into a VPS with a cloud control panel. Any recommendations?



If you plan to offer web hosting you either need a reseller account or learn Linux administration. GridPane and Plesk are great at automating like 95% of tasks but you still must understand what you are doing and why and what to do when things go wrong.

Honestly siteground is less complicated if you are doing basic things. But the minute you need to do something a little more advanced it becomes a nightmare trying to use site tools to make it happen. Great for basic things, but becomes quite limiting fast.

People will recommend their “best solutions”, but you must find out what is really the best for you and your clients, for your knowledge level & budget: shared hosting, some semi or fully managed servers on your own like VPS, Cloud or some combinations, with some startups or small-ish companies or you will go with the proven companies.
You can always try to lower the price with the longer period as well, as we did it with SiteGround.

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I looked at SG and cloudways and thought the same about cloud ways being more complicated. I went for it anyways and have been really happy with it. It’s very easy to use and the pay for what you use is SUPER nice especially if you have numerous low volume sites. Highly recommend.

If hosting is going to be one of your main business offer, it’d help to invest learning about VPS’es. As for cloud panels, have you tried Its an easy, uncluttered interface.

i find it siteground is much complicated than cloudways. i have both at the moment but im looking to migrate them at cloudways.

Another vote for cloudways. I like that you can upgrade the servers as you go, or ,if you need, to create a separate server for a client for as little as $10/month. If I know a client is going to be high traffic or that they like to install and mess with WordPress plugins a lot I might stick them on their own server.

You said you wanted to spend less time on managing the server, but with the options most have mentioned, cloudways, etc, you will need to learn more, not less. I have a managed vps at LiquidWeb that does everything I need. It has great support because like you, I’m not in the business of managing a server. They haven’t (yet) ruined things the way people complain about SG, though everyone’s experience is different. For sure you can buy more server for less money, but I’m paying to have techs that can help me when I need it, and that’s what I get.