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Any suggestions, better than Hostgator

Hi. I develop sites with basic needs, not selling sites. Mostly information, a slider or two, galleries, many for individual artists and the like. Some on Hostgator and I’m looking for a US alternative. One thing I liked on Siteground hosting was the ability to create a dev site and move it to a live site with a one click tool in cpanel. For some clients the Siteground renewal fees too high. Any suggestions welcome.

Is anyone familiar with greengeeks web hosting. I was able to get a tech guy on the phone today, Sunday 10PM EST which rates in my book. Their service sounds good and the whole world’s selling muli-year hosting (which then jumps). Right now ANYTHING seems better than Hostgator.

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I’ve dealt with Greengeeks, they’re yet another subpar shared hosting provider like Hostgator. You might get some with better support then others but that’s about it. I’d highly suggest getting off of shared hosting completely and moving to a managed VPS droplet provider. There are many reasons to do this, and your clients will thank you. Not to push a particular service but Cloudways is quite good, there is a reason why it is so popular.


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