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Lightsail is a good or bad idea for web hosting?

I would really appreciate insight of your experience(s) with Amazon Lightsail, as it looks very cost effective for my web hosting needs.

I am a photographer and a novice on server management. I currently use GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting which is painfully expensive for an upcoming renewal. I am researching alternative hosting for my two small personal photography/travels websites which has ~200-300 compressed images. I use Generate Press pro and Wordfence (free). I may use eCommerce in the future. I was almost considering SmugMug, but there are more options in WordPress (for website configuration).

The AWS instructions look fairly straightforward to install, but I don’t know enough on the server side of where I might be heading down the road 🙂

For a beginner (server side), is Lightsail a good or bad idea for hosting? Thank you in advance for your insight and expertise!



Lightsail is best option comparing to prices. Using it from last 2 years. You need some linux side know how to proceed with it. There are many articles to setup even with each command step by step. If you need any further help than i am available but paid.if you only have that main site. i think there are better options for you than VPS route.