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Bad Gateway Server Error

Just got this message and it’s been up for several hours. Any way to resolve this?

“502 Bad Gateway “



That’s a server error. Better check with your WordPress hosting provider.

Clear browser cookies & cache. You might also want to flush DNS via ipconfig and restart. If everything else works contact your isp. Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter in windows command prompt.

Try restarting your server,  Go to and test your domain name. It will tell you if if the site is down for everyone or if it’s a problem on your side.

Clear Your Browser Cache, Check With Your Host – ask if your server is having issues, Temporarily disable Cloudflare – see if your site will load. Where you go from here, depends on what happens when you’ve done all these things.


Your site is kinda heavy. You need to check why its eating up so much resources and find a plan accordingly, That message basically says: The webserver (nginx or Apache) and host works, but whatever is set to handle your scripts – most likely php via. fastcgi php-fpm or something like that – is down. Resolution here is to restart php-fpm (or just the vps as a whole, if it is a vps) and check the logs as to why the script handler died. In the case of php-fpm this can (rarely) happen kind-of sort-of spontaneously with no clear cause.


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