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Best cloud provider to use with Cloudways

Any thoughts on the best cloud provider to use with Cloudways? Thinking about switching. I’ve been on Bluehost since March and I’m tired of their performance issues and poor support. I like the idea of going with Google Cloud.

Budget really isn’t an issue. I plan to scale my multi-site network pretty quickly in 2021. I rather go with a plan and cloud provider that will be best for the long term, not short term.


Vultr High Frequency servers are really great.

Google is probably faster and can scale a lot higher, but it’s also significantly more expensive. Vultr HF to me seems to be the best bang for buck.

yes, the load speed much higher , for example adding a product to cart on Digitalocean took me 400ms and on hf most of the times under 200ms.

If you want to stay in a budget, then VultrHF is the best option in terms of performance starting from $13/mo.
But if budget isnt an issue, AWS and Google Cloud are the best in the industry starting from $36/mo and $32/mo respectively.

I would still suggest that you start small ,ie, with a VultrHF server which is more than capable of handling a multisite network. You always have the option of changing the provider at any point in time through the platform. The process takes hardly ten minutes and causes zero hindrance to your site’s performance, wanna know more about wp hosting, check it: 3 Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

there is certainly a difference between DigitalOcean and VultrHF with regards to performance. Where as Amazon is concerned, it’s a far superior server in terms of everything basically, capable of handling much more complex projects.

Google Cloud is kind of a overkill for most websites. I use it just because I want it. Using Closte and pay about $15 each month. But you can’t go wrong with Vultr HF. That’s a beast!
Very pricey, i’d recommend hetzner from a personal point of view or OVH seeing as you’ll be using a VPS at that point .
I would be hesitant to take advice from someone recommending Apache + Varnish over, say, Litespeed (which crushes Varnish easily). Let’s see some of these ‘fast’ sites you’re talking about and get some info from you about how your ‘stack’ is so much better, with actual numbers.
Interesting I’ve just moved from cloudways digital ocean to Vultr hs and found it to be the quickest I’ve ever experienced. Read this article cloudways vs gridpane
Digitalocean seems good enough. Otherwise High Frequency .