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Can someone suggest a course, or is something like “Hosting administration”?

Hi, I have a few websites and it’s now getting to the point that I need to be more skilled at the hosting side of things – learning how to check usage, optimize databases, understanding caching, understanding c panel, optimizing websites etc.
There seem to be loads of online courses but I am unsure which one to take as a beginner.
Not sure where to start – can someone suggest a course, or is something like this what I should be looking for?
Any advice appreciated – thank you.


I had the same thoughts some months ago. I decided that I do not want to become a sys admin and I just want to press buttons and build fast and safe sites. I learned a lot but I do not want to be in charge of the operating system, the apache, nginx etc. So I looked for managed solutions, that brought me to, there are many solutions like gridpane to see. But the most important is to answer to your self first. What do you want to be in charge of for the next 10 years. I pay 30 per month for unlimited sites + server rent 23/month and I host 25 sites. Fast, secure, and most important it is not as difficult as to become a sys admin.

Just start watching and make a sense of of it. If something you don’t understand put on side and continue learning. Cpanel itself is application which provide info about account status. You have access to avatar for sites

This is a very broad topic but I would suggest you do not approach it from this angle. Cpanel is just a tool to manage web servers; in my opinion not even a particularly good one. Hosting providers love it because they can set it up for their users and let them do stuff without knowing which config file is where. But knowing which icon to click in Cpanel isn’t the same as managing the server.
If you want to be serious about it (bear in mind it is a several-year journey) I would suggest starting with a book (or several) on system administration. For me personally, an annual subscription for PacktPub is the cheapest way to go about it, because for $99/year you will have access to a full library of tech books and videos. I know Udemy courses can be cheap and undoubtedly there will be some good ones at $10 but nothing beats a huge tech library at that price.

Here are some of my favorites:
PacktPub offer a trial version that you can check out, and I think they do run Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions, so by the time you’re finished with the trial, you may get an even better offer than $99/yr (which is still an insanely good offer, because a good book on Linux administration can easily cost north of $30).