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Cloudways pretty fast loading

My site on Cloudways has turned to molasses which otherwise has been pretty fast loading. Anyone aware of an issue with CW? I’m on php 7.4, I disabled WP-Rocket. It seems to revert to an out of date version of my site, no matter what I purge. When disabled, GTmatrix shows the current version, albeit slower but passable. Trying out Perfmatters plugin and Cloudflare CDN. I’m running Woocommerce with not much traffic. RAM is set at 256MB.


How many plugins are you using? What PHP version are you on? What caching plugins do you have installed? Are you running E-Commerce? How many visitors? How much CPU? How much RAM?

I just turned over to Cloudways and it is greatly working for me!

Somewhere I got a hint to disable Railgun on my Cloudflare CDN. Now my admin back end is much faster. I’m assuming that did the trick.


that’s worth trying as WordPress hosting. My sites are fast as I run them on Nginx vps and use very light themes… BUT I am pretty sure some sites have railgun turned on in cloudflare settings, and I know its not enabled on the server. So thanks for the advice, I will try it out. Much appreciated!!

Check your plugins and themes, error logs, debug info. If you run WooCommerce they recently pushed out a new version with a ton of extra bloat.

I’ve yet to have any issues with Cloudways. Just had a post of mine get viral and it’s handed the load with ease. Historically with Siteground, I would get 503 errors all day long when a post gets viral.

I think it would best to contact Cloudways. No one here has access to your server stats.