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Cloudways For Woocommerce Hosting Review – Is it best for eCommerce ?

Looking at the Cloudways hosting for migrating my customer’s woocommerce but not sure what the best route to go with since it shows five different options including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud. I don’t want to over pay since my client isn’t a big operation yet but I don’t want to choose an option that isn’t reliable either.


thank you for considering Cloudways. The option that you go for is completely dependent on your budget and the type of website you are running.
IF you have a complex website that includes thousands of pages or a magazine where thousands of authors are contributing everyday, then you should go for AWS or GCE. But for anything other than that, you should check out DO, Vultr or Linode.

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The HF servers of Vultr can handle more for you with lower resources.
I have several servers from them directly from Vultr and their HF is a beast for only $6 per month!
There is no ‘perfect’ choice… even at Cloudways! The best plan for you will depend (at least to some extent) on the following:-
How many likely visitors?
Where are they based (locally or globally)
How many products and product attributes etc?
How many transactions?
How many plugins?
How many concurrent users?
CDN in place?
What are you willing to pay?
I’m not sure what constitutes a “big operation” in your book but if our understanding of the term is roughly the same, I would start off on the cheapest Vultr HF plan which handles a woocommerce site well.
You can easily upgrade plans if it does not meet your needs. Downgrading is also possible but a little more convoluted, so it’s better to start on a small plan and then grow/upgrade to a bigger one.
Amazon and Google are the ‘Rolls-Royce’ option. Most likely overkill for your needs.
I suggest you use Cloudways free trial to spin up a server and see how it works for you.
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