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DigitalOcean with Cloudways – which is alternative to Vultr HF

Does anyone run Digital Ocean with Cloudways as their preferred platform?  I’m looking at adding more sites and I was advised this is a good setup.

DigitalOcean with Cloudways


I’m running multiple sites with no regrets! Super fast loading times!

how many sites can you fit in one server? And usually what’s the traffic of your sites in that server?

It depends on the site of your sites! I’ll send more details when I get back home! I believe you get a free 2 week trial! Try them.

Gridpane with Vultr is the ultimate WordPress setup

Using Vultr High frequency in cloudways happy with it Digital ocean will be same. in terms of small WordPress website speed and performance of DigitalOcean and Vultr HF are the same . When it comes to e-commerce sites and website with more high traffic I thing Vultr HF have edge here due to more computing power.

With Server Pilot I just click a button for the SSL. I’m assuming I’m not getting off that easy with this setup lol.

Yup. I imagine they both use LetsEncrypt in the background (CW definitely does) so it really is just a case of tell it the domains and click a button.

if you’re not running with e-commerce its a very good hosting spicily with vultr.

If I can suggest something, go with Vultr HF instead. For nearly half the price, my loading time was reduced by 50% for most of my websites (12/15). Exact same setup, same location (Toronto). I have GT Metrix Comparison if needed

I moved to Cloudways like last week during the BF sale. Using DigitalOcean. SSL couldn’t be easier. Where are you stuck? There are some tutorials on YouTube as well, doing a quick search on YT will get you some and you’ll be good to go. If not, let me know, and I’ll try to assist you.

We use DigitalOcean and love it. Performance is great, no complaints.

I got these test results. Planning to go w DigitalOcean as it seems to be minimal gain w vultr hf. I found Digital ocean to be very quick too – I wonder if its worth going to Vultr hs or not!

I did a lot of testing and found Digitalocean to be the best of all cloudways, although I have high hopes for VULTR HS.

If you’re considering Cloudways, I would suggest you also look at Gridpane vs Cloudways

Ive used is developer friendly or find the best WordPress hosting.

I’m running the cloudways stack on AWS as it’s much easier to scale it for bigger events that happen on our site. Vult HF is fast but as soon as you need more or less you it takes a bit more work to scale it