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Fast WordPress hosting for South Africans

Any South Africans on here that can suggest fast managed, cloud hosting? Specifically looking for someone local (or international but with data centers in SA).
Quickly realized I’m not equipped to get started with Azure or AWS all by myself


Answers :

yeah just checked it out and saw its managed Google wp hosting. Who, for whatever reason, still doesn’t have a data Center here.

Check-out Cloudways, we just added Cape Town datacenter of AWS in our platform. Best part is no tech knowledge or server management required, that’s taken care by us. you will find it inside platform after signing up. It is not listed on our website yet. We added cape town on requests of other clients. Seems like market is growing there.

Gridpane with AWS 100%. They provide server security and a Web application firewall so the front end of the site is safe out of the box.