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Godaddy CDN – 301 redirect / all images to CDN

So I signed up with Godaddy. I know bad idea. Over the past few days I have noticed my site is now really slow. After looking into a trace it seems all me requests to their CDN return a 301 back to the website so the website serves the assets. Has anyone seen that before. They are telling me that’s how its supposed to work which is absolute insanity.



Are you sure a CDN is included? GoDaddy is notorious for charging extra for features. Contact their support. Plesae ask them to migrate your site to other server. If your site slow, move to better host.

The CDN has to pull the resources from the server, so that’s normal (and one of the many reasons I find myself saying CDNs aren’t these magic bullets that people expect), but it should happen once (until a change) and then be served from the CDN.

Can you share the URL and site config? Site builder, caching, etc?

I see what you’re saying now. I thought your screenshot was showing the CDN accessing the site but after looking at the source and running it through a proxy I see what’s happening – and you’re correct, there is an issue.
The source references the CDN which is redirecting to your site which is totally incorrect.
Do you have two caching solutions in place? It looks like Sucuri is in place and we also see the GoDaddy CDN. Is this accurate?

I have no cacheing plugins at all – this must be something GoDaddy is doing. I actually see it on another godaddy site as well today which was not doing it yesterday. I really think something is broken on GoDaddy’s side but they are not interested in the least to look into it. I will be moving the site today.


Mark, want to share the URL of your site so we can have a look? Very difficult to see what’s going on otherwise. How many visitors, where are they (I see you’re in London, Ontario), what sort of hosting plan did you sign up for at GoDaddy (and how much do you lose if you just abandon it) etc. etc.? My personal fave for really decent shared hosting is Crocweb – they’re Canadian, servers in Montreal, and have Litespeed. Got a whole lot of my clients in Ontario and the US northeast hosted there. Great support, speeds, etc.

I recommend moving your site to a better host asap, check this post on reddit: Best web hosting. This is only going to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trouble GoDaddy will cause. You will probably save money in the long run.

They are just trying to avoid responsibility. I’ve had many clients on GoDaddy and the first thing I do is disable their CDN, I suggest you do the same.