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GridPane vs Cloudways, my thought which’s best hosting

I’m on Gridpane and I’m disappointed. Is anyone here on Cloudways and enjoying it?


Cloudways vs GridPane – Best cloud hosting



I think this is just a reflection of an earlier post where the companies were reversed.
Research continually shows that there’s VERY little relationship between customer satisfaction and hosting performance. So questions like this are pretty frustrating. It’s one of the reasons we see so many bot-like replies of “GolDarnie!!!” or “Digital Virtue” or whatever hosting people started with or switched to.
For me some awesome answers for both these, um, “open-ended” questions would be
“I switched from GridPane, here’s why I prefer Cloudways” and
“I switched from Cloudways, here’s why I prefer GridPane.”
Because there are dozens of perfectly good reasons to be “disappointed” with your current hosting. And nothing wrong with stating those opinions.
But unless we understand *why* someone’s disappointed (price? service? performance? operability? response time? accessibility? language issue? ugly interface colors?) it’s hard to form our own opinions.
When someone says “I switched and here’s why” instead of just saying “I switched” it helps all of us.


I got gridpane because I was hoping the customer service like instant chat would allow me to fill in gaps that I personally don’t have as I am not highly knowledgeable about hosting. If I had a major issue I could hit them up for help. They are nice and help eventually to whatever degree they can but they basically got rid of chat and you have to wait on a ticket for how ever long.

WordPress web hosting websites and managing servers is a job that seems you dont know well as you say. So Gridpane gives you power and a lot of knowledge through articles to do all you need to run sites fast and secure. Having an issue outside of the Knowledge Articles is advanced tier. Most if the users like the pricing of Gridpane but do not read the guidelines that you must accept you should learn a lot.

Could tell us for what reason are you disappointed? Cloudways is not for serious WordPress owners, it’s for bloggers and amateur websites.



GridPane was launched in February of 2018 as a specialized hosting control panel for managing enterprise-capable WordPress sites and servers. Over nearly three years of constant improvement and reinvestment they’ve evolved into something truly different in the managed WP market: a hosting solutions partner serving serious WordPress developers, freelancers, and agencies. They’re not actually a managed WordPress host at all, but it sure feels that way to their customers.
Currently powering tens of thousands of sites, with clients in 81 countries, GridPane is 100% customer funded, 100% employee owned, with no outside VC money on its cap table.