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If you are to choose between Pantheon and Cloudways?

If you are to choose between Pantheon and Cloudways? Which one would you prefer? The site is a woocommerce site with 4K products, all with images and using elementor as page builder.


There’s really no comparison here. Pantheon starts at $160/month, Cloudways at $10/month. You’re comparing a Lamborghini with a Toyota here.

There is ZERO comparison between these two choices. Pantheon is a serious player in the managed WP space.
Cloudways is… not even in that conversation. They’re on polar opposite ends of the budget spectrum.
This is like “Timex versus Rolex, go!” If you can afford Pantheon why in the hell are you even looking at Cloudways?


It’s a different kind of service. Pantheon is more like your traditional hotel where you’re greeted at the door and they take your luggage off you. Cloudways is a serviced apartment. Both a solid options but for the latter you’re on your own. They make it easy to spin up WordPress on a VPS, which is great, but you have to manage it all.

I stand behind what I said 100%. I don’t “loathe” CW, I think it’s perfectly fine for what it is and for the right use case. I think it’s better than most shared hosting, which the vast majority of the shit that people buy.
But you guys aren’t “managed WordPress hosting.” Plain and simple. And you’re definitely not “enterprise capable managed WP” which is how I would classify Pantheon.
I’d be more than happy to extensively explain the objective differences between the two, if you’d like, but I don’t it’s going to get any more rosy for CW the further down this comparison rabbit hole we go.
CW and Pantheon are totally different services for totally different buyers. It is unfair to both of you for you to be compared in the same conversation.

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