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Interserver review – My thought best or worst for WordPress hosting

Guys, can you please help me clear this confusion!
I’ve been researching about different web hosting services for WordPress and I found that InterServer enjoys quite a good position. Not just for WordPress hosting but overall as well.
I mean they have nice ratings and customer reviews, healthy server response and up time and yet offer very affordable prices, have won a bunch of awards and despite that, not many people talk about them.
How is this possible?
I mean other than a few complaints which are quite normal as I’ve seen users complaining against many well-known and premium hosting companies as well, I haven’t seen many negative reviews of users throwing tantrums against InterServer.
How is this possible that a hosting company enjoying such credibility is not on the radar?
What’s the catch that I’m missing?
Can anyone please shed light on it?
Thank you.
P.S: I forgot to add this before. I did interact with their support team and while their initial response was quick I feel that their rep was taking some time to answer a simple query that relates to their price-locking offer. Did anyone else has had such experience with them?

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Second year with Interserver and never had any problems.

They don’t have hype marketing. Just old fashion style service which isn’t exciting for most members in this group to talk about.If you’re looking for shared hosting, yes.

I have been using liquidweb hosting for the past 4 years now, tried more than 15 hosting providers before than. Their hardware and support is excellent

hey are absolutely awfull,

One of the rules of the this system is that whoever has better marketing wins, not one who’s giving top overall service. Remember that 😉 BTW I tested Interserver for short time and liked it. I don’t use them because in US I needed only location on Florida and they don’t have Data-center there.

They are just one of the others really. Not bad not great either. For sure better then any EIG company but not as popular/unique as providers we talk about here a lot.
But I can’t say any bad word if your looking for shared solutions.
If they offer a money back guarantee, feel free to go ahead and try their service.