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Is it bad using too many plugins for increasing speed ?

We host with a Canadian hosting provider (WHC), and are working towards improving our sites loading time. However, I’m concerned we may be implementing too much to accomplish this. Currently, we use:

  • Optimole for photos (may change this, as the filename changes which I understand can affect SEO)
  • Litespeed
  • Cloudflare (free account only)

Is it bad using too many plugins for increasing speed? Or does anyone have recommendations on what would be a best combination?


Optomile, litespeed (plugin) is all you need and look for what can be removed using functions. The more plugins you add to optimise WordPress, the more complicated things become at upgrade time.

Cache and host with the proper server configuration will get you the speed. I recently completed a site for a new client and loaded under 800ms. Keep in mind this is not optimized for speed yet. Once I’m done, it should easily be under 500ms.

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