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Kinsta starter plan – Is this overkill for my small site?

Hello, I currently use Tsohost shared hosting, which was fine up until recently, the servers are constantly down, so I need to find a better host asap. I use Woocommerce + Subs for my subscription website, my audience is mainly in the UK, no more than 10,000 visitors but this is growing each month. I have looked at Kinsta starter plan which seems to be what I need but they recommend eCommerce sites to have Business 1 Plan, the cost jumps up quite a lot. I currently pay £4.39 monthly, but the starter plan price of $30 seems fair for what I would be getting, so I would say £25-£30 maximum. Is this overkill for my small site? Any other recommendations too? Thanks



I’ve just moved to Kinsta and it was the best decision ever. As someone that’s not 100% confident with all the tetchy side of servers and hosting. They are ideal. Very worth the money if you want to feel comfortable and looked after. With a site that only gets 10k hits a month you could probably go for their lower package if your site is well optimized it should suffice!

With your budget, Cloudways with Vultr server sounds like a platform that can work for you. Check them out

Take a look at Cloudways Olivia. Vultr HF London server. That should suit your needs or try use vultr and Gridpane would get my vote 🙂 Even as a provider myself, I can vouch for them

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