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Looking for a hosting server for G Suite

Hi Everyone, Thanks for accepting me into the group. I’m looking for a hosting server that will do the migration AND deal with DNS and MX records for our G Suite. It seems like neither WP Engine or Cloudways do this. Any suggestions? Thanks!



Who is currently handling your email? Site migration is pretty straightforward. We like moving to cloudflare DNS first as it updates really quickly and then migrating from there.

Email migrations are the most tedious. Especially when there are a lot of large mailboxes. But it’s well worth transitioning to GSuite/Google Workplace


Migration is usually included for free with Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting. Other providers usually do not offer free migration.

If you are migrating WordPress, it is a matter of exporting the database, importing it on the new hosting, downloading your files, and uploading them. Do a quick google search on how to migrate WordPress manually and you should find tons of tutorials.

You probably wont find a website hosting that will take care of all of that for you unless they are a managed IT services company. Is it just for one website? It isn’t that difficult to setup yourself.

WPEngine has a migration plugin that’s easy to use. Your domain registrar should be able to help with the DNS.

Some hosts will offer free site migration, but you are on your own with the DNS records. A host may tell you to use their nameserver but it’s your responsibility to update the records. As others have mentioned, you should keep the DNS separate so changing hosts in the future would be as simple as changing the A record. Dnsimple will import your existing DNS records, so you would only need to change the host IP.

Keep your DNS somewhere else is my advice. Personally love DNSimple and they’re great to help

For example, I have set up my own server and I use Plesk as an administration panel, its own tool to migrate sites and its powerful tool to synchronize with G-Suite comes integrated into it.

Most WordPress hosting work fine with Migration. Most of the times, it just goes very smoothly. As for DNS and MX, that part is handled by the domain registrar. I’ll recommend you move your Domain to Cloudflare and configure your DNS MX records there. After that, you change your host a hundred times and you won’t need to change much on Cloudflare!