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Looking for suggestions on hosting in Canada

Hi everyone. I’m looking for suggestions on hosting in Canada. I build only for my businesses sites, not clients – but some are media heavy and our current provider, WHC (Web Hosting Canada) has ~1.2second TTFB which based on my research could be part of the slow loading times.

What is a reliable, fast hosting option in Canada?



Planethoster has been great for my sites hosted in Canada (and in France). Friendly & awesome support, good value for money, easy to allocate resources on a site by site basis, backups included, Litespeed (optional extra – need minimum resources per site for this). Data centers in Montreal & Paris. Been using them for 5 sites over the last 4 years – no complaints.

And yah, TTFB on a wp site isn’t just the hosting providers fault – too many plugins and poorly done themes can cause it to be slow. Do a base wp install and test that out.

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