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Migrated all my clients sites to Cloudways based on the feedback

If you are with Siteground, a word of advice. Do not buy their prepaid yearly subscriptions. After many issues that caused downtime (all their fault) I cancelled service. There is no pro-rated refund of any kind. It stings especially since I did a 3 year and was in month 8. I could no longer stay with them. One of my sites would go down, I would contact service, and sure it was fixed after a few hours. Each time they would say something like “we reset all your ssl settings” and I would clearly ask them “How do I avoid this happening in the future” they never had an answer for me. I’ve migrated all my clients sites to cloudways based on the feedback in this group and so far I’m happy. After this I’m loving the cloudway’s pay as you go model. $700 down the drain at siteground. Lesson learned. (I know I’m a crybaby)

I joined this group to ask this question. I have Siteground’s Cloud hosting, and since the switch from Cpanel to Site Tools, my server gives 502 errors constantly. Is the switch to Cloudways worth it?


My experience with cloudways is limited, but you should definitely give them a try. I started with a simple $10/month hosting and ran a couple sites on it for a while before moving the rest of my clients over. For me the $10/month plan ran way better than siteground’s “go geek” 40+/month plan.

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