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Migrating a WordPress site to AWS from Bluehost – Good or Worst Decision

Anyone with experience migrating a WordPress site to AWS from Bluehost? I’ve had an inquiry but never handled this before. Might be a bit tricky from reading online. At present it’s an enquiry I’ve had, so I know little else as to why, expect that the website is integrated with an app (which looks very much like the website too).



AWS can be complicated in its setup, but it’s really good experience to have. Once you have an install setup, I would use something like UpdraftPlus to do the transfer..

It also depends on what they are looking for, to get out of being on AWS. Scaling horizontally? Vertically? That’s really where I would start.

It’s pretty straight forward, but some knowledge of AWS and the technical side of WP are required.

Pretty much the same as any WP migration. However setting up AWS requires some skill and understanding if you want to benefit from all its services.

I use All In One WP Migration plugin. You install WP and then do the import from the export of your bluehost site. The outcome is the same as what you had in bluehost, the best wordpress hosting reddit 

I did Lightsail from GoDaddy. Create your AWS instance with WordPress and install this plugin on both. I think AWS actually has it by default. If it’s a large site you’ll have to make some changes to the limits. It does everything.

This is the right way to go if you are just starting with AWS. And you can easily scale up the server anytime. For even more convenience, you can attach Runcloud or Gridpane to Lightsail.

one thing about Lightsail is CPU cycle limitations. If it’s a popular web/app then even with their large plans you can run into issues. My sites don’t get but maybe 200 hits a day. Installing plugins can throw it for a loop sometimes.

so Cloudways DigitalOcean plan might be good option? or a2 hosting, one of the best hosting reddit

If you want to migrate to AWS, just for the sake of better speed, it’s overkill. They will charge you much more.
You can get started with Hetzner, they have much better pricing. And you have plenty of options like RunCloud, Plesk, cPanel, Cloudways, etc, to manage your server with ease.

Speed is pretty good and comparable to AWS. I was using Lightsail for last 1 year, then migrated to Hetzner. Felt no difference in performance.

You could try Plesk (I work there) on Lightsail or AWS (Marketplace) and automatically import your site with the migration tool of Plesk. And support can help to get this done also.

Working and managing servers on AWS is a little bit challenging as it requires some techy skills. If you are working on AWS, first you need to deploy a stack like LAMP and other packages on your instance. After that, install WordPress, and with a plugin, you can quickly migrate it from Bluehost to AWS. You can also manually do it by creating zip files and uploading them to your server. Other than that, you have a managed AWS providers option like Cloudways.

Bitnami WordPress does all that for you. Really easy to do when you create the instance… manage multiple aws accounts and servers with laravel forge and migration from one server to another is done with duplicator or wpvivid or any other migration plugin. Main benefits of aws are decoupling of db from web server and backups in s3, for example. You can now get these with digital ocean as well. But with aws you also have ses for mail, Redis as a service, etc.