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New Developer looking to switch a client’s host from GoDaddy web hosting service

I am a new developer looking to switch a client’s host from GoDaddy web hosting service (she had already paid two years in advance and a bunch of unnecessary add ons when we met) and would like recommendations for her needs. She owns a small yoga studio so traffic isn’t high and would just be intended for a local audience. The purpose of the website is to share her schedule (using vagaro) , advertise her services, embedded videos, contact page, and advertise special events. I was intending to start with Siteground WordPress hosting but of course you gotta “go where the clients go”. But she isn’t happy with the bugginess or the speed (naturally). So yeah… if anyone can suggest a host that would meet her humble needs without “breaking the bank” that would be much appreciated.



I recently moved from SiteGround to Cloudways and have been really happy so far. It is a little more technical than Siteground but not by much.

Try Cloudways. I have several clients who we’ve put on the $10/month plan + .30c/month for their smtp server. I’ve been thrilled with the results. It’s also easy to migrate their current site with their plugin and it’s easily scalable as the business grows.

Choose whoever has a great server location near her audience. And stay away from all EIG hosts and siteground.
Can’t go wrong with Cloudways tho. But you won’t have emails there.

It really depends on what your client’s budget is. If it’s $30/month, you can easily get by with Kinsta, Flywheel, WPEngine, etc.


I just switched to cloudways. Give their 3 day trial a chance. I chose the digital ocean sever option at $10/month it’s been so fast.

GoDaddy is fine for a small yoga studio. I’d stay with GoDaddy and focus on monetizing her site, adding eCommerce, video courses, and trying to teach her more about business growth than focus on hosting.

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