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Question about Siteground Site Tools migration 404

I have a question about Siteground. I was recently moved from CPanel to Site Tools on my Cloud account. I have been having a lot of issues with 502s. Siteground tells me I have high i/o usage.
When I checked, I see that my sites are now pulling from old databases and their newly migrated databases. If I delete the old ones, the site goes down or 404s.
Has anyone else had issues with the Site Tools migration?
Just a sidenote, my Siteground account was a mass Cpanel import from Bluehost. I wonder if that is where the problem originated.
Any input is greatly appreciated.



Yea just export the current site, create a new dev site. Import it into the dev site and if everything works fine then change the dev to production.
For sure if you imported from bluehost to SG and now to a new site tools could be causing issues ( for sure considering it’s mass production).
Hope it helps, good luck 👍. site