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SiteGround Reviews: 35+ Users Honest review in 2022

im moving out of Siteground can you recommend better hosting company.
I paid for 3 year gogeek hosting and consumed only 10 months and im losing money now because of the downtime issue which disapproves my google ads 2x a week. no refund for my remaining 26 months they said. what a waste!


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I’d try to charge back the current provider. If they are having downtime they are not selling a good product and you should be able to have your bank step in. At least if your in the USA
So it’s not just me? We’ve been having heaps of downtime since September… and I’m struggling to get our google ads back to performing for they were.
I just completed moving my sites from SiteGround to Cloudways/Vultr-HF yesterday. Closed my account.
moved 8 sites to vultr HF on cloudways I was on pressable though
Gridpane, Vultr/DO.
Try Plesk preinstalled, it manages all updates for you, makes life easy.
I recommend Cloudways
Siteground have become arrognant as*%#@ dont waste time move to a professional hosting company.
I rarely need to contact SiteGround for any of my clients who use them for hosting, but I happened to need more complex-than-usual help the other day. They resolved my problem in just a few minutes.
Without supporting or defending any hosting company I’m curious what the problem was that their techs told you it would take three months to fix?!?!? Even though you say all you have is an index.html file!
That’s… very unusual.
Seems worth trying to move the same code base to another server to see if it works there. Have you tried uploading the same files on another server? Like, even a desktop host (WAMP/MAMP or Local by Flywheel?)
Certainly seems worth spinning your site up somewhere else. Cloudways would be fine if you want to try that. Plenty of providers will give you anywhere from three days (Cloudways) all the way up to 30 days to get a refund if it doesn’t work there either.
It would be good to know if it’s really the server or something else.
moved one of my website to IONOS dedicated server and had no problems for 2 weeks that made me conclude its SG having issue.
yeah, I probably wouldn’t stay on Ionos though. Cloudways with a server in a data center closest to your core customers would be a much safer bet.
Before everyone starts suggesting different hosting companies left and right, you need to understand your requirements before you move to the other host.
Do you have Ecommerce website? Do you have any server admin who’ll take care of the server in case of unmanaged hosting? How many visitors do you get/expect per month? Do you have caching and CDN set up properly? What is your budget for a good quality hosting? How optimized is your website?
Drop me a message with answers to these and I’ll suggest decent hosting for you.
PS- In most cases, it is not the server which is bad but the website! You need to keep your website as light weight as possible to reduce the resources used. Another major problem is bots attacking your website and exhausting your resources. Just switching won’t solve all your problems!
haha I am in no way saying stick with Siteground xD
I’ve had very good experience with Cloudways (just need a few configurations here and there) and would highly recommend it to you too.
My main point being, optimize your website too before you switch the hosts. Check for malwares, vulnerabilities, bad plugins. Share your URL and I’ll have a look.
Go with your own VPS from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Lightsail or Hetzner. They have month to month plans which are easy to setup with control panels like cPanel, Plesk, CyberPanel, RunCloud etc.
Performance remains great as well.
Been using for last 2 years and quite happy.
Do you think it would be worth not using something like Cloudways at all, and go directly to Digital Ocean and use something like Plesk to run a WordPress site? I’ve never done this outside of managed hosting, just wondering if this is a good and doable plan?
I do not recommend it unless you are experienced in server administration. It takes a lot more than just the WordPress side of things. I used to do it and it really wasn’t worth the small savings to have to manage the server.
Yes, it’s worth to go directly to DO and install Plesk then run a WP site, it’s at least help you run a WP site, but sometime may not run smoothly as you wish and you need have some knowledge and patience to deal with those thing.
But I’m sure it’s a worth journey IMO, it’s help me knowledge some thing about server side.
I have mentioned other options as well, which include RunCloud which is similar to Cloudways but it does offer you admin / root access to the server, whereas with Cloudways you don’t get root access to the server. So basically you are kind of renting out a non-root server at Cloudways while with RunCloud or Plesk, or cPanel you do get 100% root access to the server.
It might cost one time to setup your own VPS, whereas help you save money.
Usually you don’t need a lot of tinkering done.
But for non technical people it is better to get with services like Cloudways or RunCloud.
But if you are slightly technical and have little command over linux, you should go with self managed linux server. And in case of trouble you can always hire sys admin from Fiverr or upwork.
Definitely not worth it unless you’re interested in maintaining and monitoring your own server, which in itself is literally a full time job. Better to leave hosting to pros so you can focus on running your business/site.
 I would disagree with you here.
I am running my own VPS, and last time I had tinkered with it was 8 months ago.
Slight learning curve can help anyone to do basic server management.
Specially with GUI based panels these days, everything is pretty easy and less time consuming as compared to CLI.
But it all depends on preferences of client, who want better performance and 100% control over their servers or want to get a shared web hosting or managed hosting.
Not sure if not having to tinker in the last 8 months is a good thing. There’s a reason full time sysadmins exist. Anyway, we can agree to disagree.
I would have to agree with Brian on this one. Also I found one other company which is almost half the price of Cloudways and need to test them out. By that I mean you get a better tech for a bit less money. So almost the margin you pay Cloudways for their service on the initial server cost.
I have been shifting hosts here and there for last 6 to 8 years and have tested many of them.
Initially everyone is fine or even great, but as soon as your audience grows up, the performance of hosting never remains same on the shared hosts.
Afterwards I never looked back at hosting companies.
I can setup and manage my own server infrastructure for my needs and can scale them up easily.
No more hassle of emailing support teams or having live chat for hours to fix minor issues.
WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Laravel, Forums and many more stuff works just great.
More over I do have greater control on my server performance, security and optimizations for best results.
You can definitely disagree, but having a technical edge helps me to do better with my own infrastructure.
for sure. I’m all about the tech too, but for average user it’s better they stay with companies that provide that for them and pay a bit more for their service.
 I was running my own server with plesk but sometimes you get tired and frustrated with server issues that’s why I have to cough out the extra charges for cloudways, more from Reddit discussion Best WordPress hosting Reddit .
Well for the average users I had already mentioned RunCloud and Cloudways. They can go for it.
But for tech savvy users, managing own server will help to have more control and polish server management skills.
Hmmm. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here IMO. It really depends on your circumstances. If you’re happy to get ‘under the hood’ and spend time learning and managing the server, then yes, you may save money and have more overall control. Conversely, the time you spend learning/administering/troubleshooting might be better spent doing something else with your business (the opportunity cost) or something simply more enjoyable for that matter. I could service my own car for example but I don’t because it’s quicker and easier for me to take it to a garage. I’m tech-savvy and can manage a server but I prefer to use Cloudways which fits my needs well (I am not an affiliate).
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