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Small b2b2c Website Hosting Recommendations

Hello, I’m new to this website. I’m in Spain.

First time I got a hosting, I did because I wanted to write for a company and one of the conditions was to have your own blog with wp and hosting with godaddy.

I had absolutely no idea so it was cheap and i just did it as they ask. I wrote a lot for them so I was happy. Now they stopped hiring.

And I have a new project. For a new website.

And I had so many problems paying 10€ a month or more with the additional things I pay, that I want to find another hosting… as I have many issues I’m unable to solve and they can’t help either… so, I’ve read some of your posts, but I’ll be specific about what I’m looking for and would be grateful for your advice about best wordpress hosting reddit:

What hosting would you recommend for:

– the best customer support service?
– least Bandwidth limitations?

Is there any hosting companies who provide free support when having an issue or for a small fee, if we don’t have a webmaster?

– SSL included?
– Migration?

Those are my keypoints.. any recommendation? It’s a small b2b2c website that will hopefully grow and have an area for members and a listing with lots of businesses hopefully, as well as posts and lots of photos. Thanks!



Much depends on your location and your anticipated traffic. Then people can make more useful suggestions.

It looks like any decent shared hosting should be able to accommodate most of your requirements.
Some providers do web development, so they can help you with any website related issues.

Have a look at MechanicWeb. NVMe SSD with high frequency compute, LiteSpeed Web Server, MailChannels outbound spam filter to protect IPs from blacklists, free backup, SSL, 24/7 support, and many other perks. I work here and would be happy to assist you with your website.


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