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Solo developer/freelancer host websites in a few VPS

It’s been years now that I am working as a solo developer/freelancer and for most of my clients, I host their websites myself in a few VPS I have. I try to find a proper software or SAAS that let me manage those clients with their subscriptions. Maybe include some kind of reminders, either to me or directly to the client when the time for the renewal comes. I don’t want to invoice them from that app, since I have another app that I use for that and I don’t want to create different sequential orders.

I tried WHMCS but it looks too complicated for those simple things I want to achieve.

I also tried google spreadsheet, but changing the dates and marking how paid and how not was a pain ….

In case you are like me, what kind of tool you use?



I use wave for accounting purposes but I also use Perfex CRM for invoicing, contracts, leads, tasks, and many other features it contains. Its an awesome all in one CRM. It very inexpensive, has a one time payment and annual update fees. Best thing about it is that as you continue to grow, you can add staff members to it at no additional cost.

Personally I would recommend making the investing in an accounting system like Quickbooks – this way you can track both your income and expenses – there is recurring billing built right into it.

I’ve been struggling with WP ERP but it’s kind of buggy. I’m going to take a close look at WHMCS.

Mate invest in a decent administration software where you can set annual plans and make the invoices automatically. You don’t have the need to bind this to your hosting software as a freelancer/small business owner.
Ive been doing this for 10+ years without any issue.

I think that’s a huge mistake to overlook WHMCS. So many hosts use it and love it. Tons of automation features and extensions. I love it everyday. Even if you only have 10 clients, it will still save you so much time.
But yes, there’s a learning curve and it won’t seem as easy as WordPress but so worth it. Even to go with something simpler like Blesta or HostBill is a mistake IMO.

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