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Switched from Inmotion to WPX hosting, Now go with Cloudways :)

Impressed by all the raving reviews about WPX hosting I switched from Inmotion (lowest tier VPS plan) to WPX business plan and was really disappointed. Maybe my expectations were a little too high.

My sites that took 2-3 seconds to load on Inmotion took 4-5 seconds on WPX. When I reached WPX support, their response was a bit strange. I don’t remember it word by word but here is the crux of it –

Me – loading time for my site on the old host was 2-3 sec on Gtmetrix but it’s 4-5 sec now. Can you check and let me know if I need to do anything to optimize better?

Agent – Is the site taking 5 sec to load when you open it?

Me – umm.. I am not sure if watching a timer while the site is loading would be the best way to test speed. To be more objective I am using the same tool and testing location to test my old host and WPX. So if something is wrong with the tool, it must be so in both cases.

Agent – Actually Testing manually may be better than using tools..Please refer to this article (link to an article explaining why the speed shown by these tools is not important).

I didn’t know how to proceed after that. So I cancelled the account and I am back to square one. Now I am considering Cloudways, Runcloud or Gridpane. I am not that tech savvy but I am not a total noob either. I hope it’ll not be too much work. I’ll appreciate any help choosing one of these options. I have 5-6 sites – 1 big with 300K monthly pageviews and other getting <1K monthly.



Go to Linode VPS. get a $5 nanode or higher. install cyberpanel from their user stack scripts or something. get LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress installed. watch some videos on ls cache optimization and you are done. test the datacenter you chose with bytecheck or similar tool to get a fast TTFB. got my sites to load in 3-4s this way. you can get an expert to setup your server in the beginning to be safe.

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That is an interesting yet vague response from them. I feel there’s more behind why things were loading slower, but it should have been up to them to investigate why instead of basically not helping at all.

I can’t speak on other hosts, but 301K a month, a good WordPress host (whose is actually a WordPress hosting) should be able to handle that easily. Of the 5-6 website, are any WooCommerce? Any special plugins that may have a load? Also, configuration and location could have been a factor. For instance, what version of PHP is InMotion running, and what did WPC have? Any cache between the two? How recent were DNS changes? Its questions like those that WPX should have been looking into. If one claims to be fast and a client has a complaint regarding speed, you would think that would be assessed to avoid a public complaint.

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