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Some test results for NameCheaps EasyWP Supersonic Plan

Anyone got experience or some test results for NameCheaps EasyWP Supersonic Plan for wordpress hosting ?



No for EasyWp, i have a bad experience with easywp WordPress Hosting, so slow.

EasyWP is not good for wp hosting. I had a site hosted there and their server went down for almost 72 hours, when it came back up, all the data from last 8 days was gone, even the on site backups 😔
It happened few weeks ago.

EasyWP is horrible WordPress Hosting. Terrible down time.

It was so slow for me and I had the most annoying issue with the media gallery where I would delete a file and upload a new version of it and it would still show the old image no matter if I deleted the cache, my browser’s cache and my CDN cache. Their support never figured it out. I suppose there must be some caching going on on the server side that is beyond the user’s control (?) STAY AWAY.

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