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Using Managed WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy

Hi All! I am new to this Group and fairly new to WordPress.

I am using Managed WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy. Its an E-Commerce website using Ekommart theme. My Website keep going down showing 500 Internal Server Error and says something about Configuration.

Godaddy says I need to change setting in .htaccess file.

Suggestions Please.


Answers :

Check if there is a file name debug.log in the cpanel file manager. It should be in public_html/you website name/wp-content. If it is there, you can view it to see what is the error. If it is not there, you have to enable it. But everyone is right here. If you have a managed hosting, they should do it for you.

there are many reasons why you might be getting a 500 Internal server error.
First of all, Godaddy is not at all a good hosting, especially for an eCommerce website.
How many visitors do you have per day? Do you have proper caching set up? Do you have a CDN set up?
It is also possible that there are bots trying to hack into your site and eating up all the resources.
Without checking it properly, all we can do is guess.
If you are not comfortable sharing all the details here, drop me a message and I’ll check it.

GoDaddy hosting (and that of its numerous connected brands) is fairly idiosyncratic, so that’s often going to be a challenge when accessing support communities.
But I would suggest if you’re paying for managed WordPress hosting, have their support team fix this for you. When you’re new to WordPress, you probably want to focus on learning within the platform, not on all the technicalities under the hood. If you’ve just added a widely available theme to a vanilla install and it broke, that’s when you want your “managed” service provider to manage the service!

The Support is there to bring back the site online, not to fix the core issues with it… If a code is breaking it, they won’t rewrite it… That is not what “managed” means… That means that the server below your website is taken care of, in matter of security, CPU and RAM usage…


I’m not going to disagree. But clearly in this case support diagnosed the issue, so I’d ask them to apply their diagnosis. After all, this is a simple install, not a complex site a few years in. They might say “no,” but they might say “yes.”

They won’t do it… Most issues with websites are due to plugin/theme incompitability… Next come .htaccess rewrite rules… What they can do is comment the line, if they can find it or place a clean .htaccess to bring the website up… From then on it is up to the owner to fix the issue…

I admire your certainty. You may be right. But my own experience is that the commodity hosts are often quite generous towards customers just getting started. And I’ve always been very inclined to ask not assume, as fact beats opinion any day of the week.

I’ve worked as support, so I know first hand how things go… Helping in narrowing down the issue is one thing, fixing it is different altogether… These two should not be mixed, because you will end up with bad experience if you expect the host to fix your glitchy code for 25 bucks a month, while a dev gets 100 bucks hourly to do that… Expectations must be maintained.

We each have our experiences. YMMV. Let’s encourage someone who is new to this that sometimes people go above and beyond, even in over-worked support teams. I’ve found that. Not always, but often. And yes, the hosts I use most are the ones who score highest on support that goes above and beyond and digs me out of whatever hole I’ve dug myself into!

I’ve had MDD host fix a htaccess issue on much lower plan in the past, so it’s possible to get hosts that fixes such issues without much arguments but I doubt that’s going to be “a GoDaddy“.

Appreciate all the responses. Thanks guys. Still struggling with website getting down.

Change the host first, then worry about the .htaccess