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What hosting option or config do you recommend to manage all sites?

Hi you all, hope you are great. I’m planning to do website rental services. What hosting option or config do you recommend to manage all sites? I was thinking on a shared hosting but I´m a bit conscious about the variety of issues it can cause to share same base to all of them.
I’m not sure if 100% sure but I think VPS providers cant oversell so much than shared hosting providers. I base my assumption on VPS user are more aware and demanding on providers so providers cant get away on it so easily.


A lot of that “various issues” is fear-mongering. Both VPS and typical shared hosting are shared hosting – they both share resources from the host server. Both can be oversold, and both can outperform each other.
However, VPS offers a greater level of isolation but none for your websites if you host all websites under a single hosting account on a VPS.

Many shared hosting providers offer greater levels of isolation, typically providers that use CloudLinux. CloudLinux’s CageFS offers OpenVZ VPS like isolation.

Your best interest would be to find a decent provider.

You don’t need to oversell to the magnitude of shared to get the same effect, because each VPS has the overhead of OS and software. On the other hand, no shared hosting account has that overhead, hence you can oversell more on shared, but a little overselling on VPS might make you overloaded.
Everything on VPS can be oversold, if the provider has that technical ability. It is not as straightforward as shared, yes.
If the provider does not want to oversell, they won’t, be it VPS or shared.
Its always good option to go with managed VPS hosting where you get root access to customize things

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