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WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks

Just wanted to give a heads up to the community here that I am opening up registration for 2021 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks.
I’d love to get any feedback this community might have for how to improve it (especially WooCommerce since 2020 was first time I did that particular test). Changes already happening is changing over to K6 from LoadImpact. Also going to try to add some non-impacting measures around security and if you want to choose DigitalOcean VPS, here’s the promo code .



I look forward to this more than I do my advent calendar each year.even more than you look forward to seeing me at a hosting conference?!?

Uh fun 😉
Love the idea of testing more security related stuff as you know 😉

Does this benchmark factor support into the final grade?

Nope. These are performance benchmarks. Designing a way to fairly compare support isn’t within the scope and near impossible to do especially from a single person in a limited time frame in my experience. But if you have an idea about how that might be possible I’m always looking for ideas.

No that’s exactly what I want. I decided ultimately not to register last time because I wanted a pure performance test only and nothing else.

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