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How to Quickly Build a WordPress Blog Locally

WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the Internet, and one-quarter of the world’s websites are built using WordPress. And it is very SEO friendly and very popular with users. We all know that WordPress is usually built on a server. If you want to build WordPress on a local computer (Windows, Mac), the […]

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What is a data center? A Complete Guide for Beginners

Many large modern companies that operate with terabytes of information often entrust all the care of their servers to special data centers. Let’s figure it out together what kind of magical place this is, how the data processing center works and what the essence of its work is.     What is a data center? […]

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What is a Web Portfolio and How to Create One

Portfolio is a collection of completed works, projects and other documents that demonstrate your professionalism and experience. And, if earlier a portfolio was a folder with printed texts and layouts that were taken to interviews or business meetings, now you can simply create a web portfolio and share a link to the world. The coolest […]