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Can anyone recommend a good uk or european domain registrar?

I normally use a certain domain registrar for my domain registration, however it does not support .eu. Can anyone recommend a good uk or European domain registrar please.



I’ve used 20i and 4UHosting over the years to register domains.
Bear in mind that come 1st January, you’ll need to have a registered office in the EU to have a dot eu domain name.

I toyed with a .eu domain at the beginning of the year – then realised I’d be wasting money as I wouldn’t be able to renew it (and they could revoke my access to it at any time after 1st January).

yes my client has had it for years before I was around. He also has the but for some crazy reason .eu was chosen instead of Not a problem for website really but for emails it is, he will have to contact all customers and tell them change of email address. They also offer hosting as well.

Hexonet is the one I am using for most domains including .eu.


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