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Either Cloudways or Siteground mainly because I believe my site load time could be way faster

Firstly I would like to thank you for reading this articles. I am loving the knowledge share on all the posts and comments. Since I recently embarked on the freelance journey, I am planning to build websites for clients & host them in addition to hosting my own personal ones; and I would like some help.Currently I am with BlueHost and after a day of implementing what I could to make it load faster this is the speed of my website.

State of my site
-Astra theme with Elementor plugin
-Few other plugins (14 in total, I know quite a lot)
-Installed OMFG plugin ( to save fonts locally)
-Free version of Cloudfare setup for CDN purposes
-Installed w3 total cache for caching purposes
-Installed optimole plugin for image compression (deleted after setting up w3 total cache as I understand there could be a conflict)
The Yslow tab points to expired headers which I thought w3 total cache would take care of?

I recently found out that BH may not be the best web hosting platform and I am considering either Cloudways or Siteground mainly because I believe my site load time could be way faster but also for hosting future clients sites and give them best performance possible.
Am I wrong in thinking a different hosting platform could help me here? If so please feel free to correct me any advice would be great.


Hosting is absolutely one of the biggest performance factors in the entire equation. And you’re in the right place to look for recommendations. Use the search, do you diligence, take every recommendation with a grain of salt.

I think when you host on Managed Cloudways Hosting or Siteground the speed will be way better. I got websites on Siteground and on Cloudways all sites load under the 3 seconds also heavy websites.