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How secure is Bluehost to host two domains ?

Cloudways, I have a website on Bluehost and I just purchased a domain to start building a second WordPress site.

I have a hosting plan that allows me to add the second site on there, by creating a new directory and assigned the new domain.

My understanding is that Bluehost might not be the best web hosting providers or long-term option, but for now, it’s working well as I am fairly new and don’t want to over complicate things. I am using the free Cloudflare CDN and the site runs fairly fast.

Are there any obvious negative consequences of building the second site on my current Bluehost package or can I just move both of the websites onto a different hosting provider in the future when they become more serious projects?

I’ve read about some obvious downsides such as inability to isolate from technical failures/admin access, running out of server resources. But I am mostly interested in if it makes the site fundamentally slower or worse for SEO somehow?

Thanks a lot if anyone has the time to read/respond!! 


I recently migrated from Bluehost to Siteground for my single e-commerce site. It’s a definite improvement in speed, with an integrated optimizing plugin (SG Optimize). With a 30 day refund, I’d say to give it a go and compare. I’m. A novice on the GrowBig option, tight with cash and think it’s worth the expense.

Speed and SEO will not be impacted with adding a second small blog/site. Yiu will do most of your SEO in page using Yoast or RankMath.

Speed will depend on theme, images, caching and plugins. Obvs there are much faster and better hosts… But for getting started you’ll be fine.

I am not in any way recommending Bluehost, but I have plenty of clients who use them as they are cheap and big.

Regarding the resources i think it’s ok as I am on the unlimited plan. It seems like the main concern would be security so am I right in thinking for that reason alone most people would use a separate account? Thanks

NO. 1. Security. Because the same user is accessing all the folders, if one of your sites gets hacked they can (and usually do) propagate to any other sites they have permission to.

NO. 2. There’s nothing more important than #1 so it doesn’t matter any other reason.

With any hosting, hosting multiple sites on a single account is insecure. If any of the sites gets compromised, all the sites are likely to get compromised in no time. Patching/fixing them could turn out to be a nightmare. This is the primary reason why hosting multiple sites under the same account is not recommended.

Then comes performance issues, that is, unless your sites are idle. On a shared hosting server, server resources such as CPU, RAM, disk IO, etc. that are directly related to performance are allocated on a per hosting account basis. If your hosting account has 1GB RAM, all of the sites will be sharing it and none will have access to the full 1GB RAM. Naturally, the performance is likely to degrade.

Having said that, if your sites have no traffic, they are unlikely to consume any significant amount of server resources unless when you are editing the pages.