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Q&A – I’ve decided to stay with SiteGround for at least the next three months

So, I’ve decided to stay with SiteGround hosting for at least the next three months to see whether things improve or not. I have been a faithful user + supporter for years now, so I figured I’d move to their Business Cloud plan and see if things are better than they are now. I guess the other reason I’m hoping that the Cloud plan will be sufficiently much better (44/month to 120/month is no joke, so I hope it’s that much better!!!) is for the following reasons:
– ease of use
– I host my emails in the server (moving to Cloudways will require I pay for third party email hosting, not sure whether that’s good or bad)
– A little worried about the migration process and related downtimes

I guess I’m sharing this here because something just doesn’t feel right… do I stay? Do I not stay? Maybe your hyper-negative comments will finally make up my mind about moving to Cloudways, regardless of the technical challenges I keep hearing about and what not…


SiteGround You seem to be squandering your reputation. The way you used to provide such high levels of support was the justification for your high prices, without that level of support there is no justification to use or recommend your hosting. But you can turn it around by reaffirming your commitment to support, and backing that up with real action. Please take this feedback, and best wishes.


Hosting your emails separately is a good thing, and while it’s a bit stressful to make that move, it’s like one day of stress. I mean, it’ll come and go, and you’ll forget you ever dealt with it. Migrating is usually easy and assuming nothing bizarre goes on, there should never be any downtime when moving to a different host. No comment from me on whether you should move or not (although that jump in pricing seems excessive but I can’t really say if it’s worth it or not), but whether or not you move shouldn’t be because of a bit of stress over separating out the email, or a worry about downtimes, imo.


I’ve got two Cloud VPS with SiteGround, since the move to Google datacenter I’ve not had any issues with these servers since and it fixed some intermittent problems I was seeing. The performance is a lot better than SG GoGeek. The cost is pretty high though.
If you are keen to keep your emails in cPanel then there are some other good hosts who will do this. Two UK ones I can recommend are Guru and Kualo.
A lot of people do recommend using a email specialist such as Google or Microsoft, they are the best really but charge per user and it isn’t really necessary for some projects.

Moving to Cloudways is very easy. And I use Fastmail for all my email. $50/year and awesome service.

How much traffic does your site get per month? How many simultaneous visitors? What are your storage needs?

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