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LiquidWeb for Hosting and Linode for Backup

I currently use LiquidWeb for my WordPress hosting needs. I do have a few customers on there, but right now it’s mostly me. That said, I’m considering a switch to GridPane and a cloud server provider.

One question I have is about storage. I know enough about Linux to know that it’s possible to mount external drives. What I’m not sure about, and need clarification on, is how that would be used for hosting. As a detailed example, supposed I had a Dedicated CPU w/ 320GB storage from Linode. If I then went and added another 320 in storage would I be able to use that storage on the server?

I’ve been around a long while in the tech field. I know there are many, many variables here and I’ve on enough outage calls at 3am to understand a lot of the basic concepts. Just trying to nail down this specific question.


Answers :

It really depends what the storage is for. Whether it’s just for holding large media directories…or for more clients and critical sites.

If it’s the latter, I would not recommend the external block storage option as 1) it’s slower than regular local storage, and 2) you can only mount it to one place which makes it hard to distribute across to multiple places where you need it.

Space is a big issue for sure and require lots of clever strategies sometimes. I advise differently depending on each client use case.

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The Block Storage will be mounted as just another mount point like /home2 and you can use it like normal. Now whether Gridpane supports this setup is something you will need to talk to them about.