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Curious about Server Monitoring and Slow Page Speed Issue

Curious about everyone’s thoughts are on this. I am having issues with page load times on a site I run. On it, users join to watch live content so that means at specific times I can have 500-1000 people logging on all at once. The pages are relatively small, 2mb and made in Elementor. All the video content is hosted on a CDN like Vimeo and I use iFrames to show it. The server is over-sized. Load averages never get over 10, CPU/Memory/disk i/o all 70-80% capacity free. MYSQL, via MYTOP, has 100% Efficiency. Even with all this, load times still get really long when all the demand comes in. I know I can do better with caching but what else am I missing?


== Server Environment ==
Operating System: Linux
Software: Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)
MySQL version: MySQL Community Server – GPL v8.0.19
PHP Version: 7.4.3
PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
PHP Max Post Size: 16M
GD Installed: Yes
ZIP Installed: Yes
Write Permissions: All right
Elementor Library: Connected

== Word Press ==
Max Upload Size:16 MB
Memory limit:512M



Use Newrelic and see where the requests are slowing down. You can also do a “PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers” test and check the page size and number of requests are low or not.

Are your visitors just sitting on the page watching the content, or are they navigating around and interacting with the site?

And do you mean literally “Logging in at once?” or “Logged” in at once. Logging in at once would be a huge drag on the server. But logged in at once is different, and then it goes back to my first question about what they’re doing when logged in.

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