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WP hosting – Last straw now with SiteGround

Last straw now with SiteGround. Their plans on their page say its an offer of 5.99 per month. I’ve then charged a client that amount for 3 years, but when I have gone to purchase its charging me 8.99 per month. Nothing on their hosting plans pages say that the introductory rate is for 1 year only. Furious.

I need to get a webhosting that I can transfer about 15 sites across, with emails quickly without disruption to the clients. One that isn’t trying to milk every last penny out of me would be preferable.



All hosting is like that – they always only show the introductory rates (key word: “starting at”) and usually don’t mention the regular real prices (sometimes it shows it crossed off – pay attention to that because that’s what you’ll be paying after renewing).

I found out the hard way, so now I always contact customer support to ask the real/renewal rates. Sometimes that’s the only way to find out. They all do this; it’s frustrating before you know what to look out for.

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